About us

A strategic partner for building telecommunications infrastructure and data centres

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Who we are

We’re a company with more than 25-year tradition on the Czech and Slovak market. We offer a broad portfolio of products for building telecommunication networks, data networks and data centres. Our activities are covered by a sales team, which with its expertise and individual approach can offer optimal solutions for your projects in the areas of Wireless Networks (RF), Optical Networks (FO), Power and Data (P&D).

Our customers include telecom operators, data centre operators, and companies providing transport and power infrastructure.

  • Satisfied customers – our priority is for our customers to be happy with the quality of the service we provide and the solutions and products we supply.
  • A strong partnership – we work with leading telecommunications manufacturers to bring their technologies and innovation to the Czech and Slovak market.
  • Modern communications – our products are key building blocks for modern FTTx/5G telecom networks and data centres.
  • Quality, transparency, and social responsibility – we emphasize adherence to work procedures, safe handling of our partners’ data, and respect for the environment, documented by regular ISO certification.

Product portfolio breadth

The products offered in the areas of Wireless Networks (RF), Optical Networks (FO) as well as Power and Data P&D complement each other, allowing the sales team to focus on the complexity of the solution and offer a complete supply of passive infrastructure elements for your telecommunications networks and data centers, including critical power solutions.


Together with our suppliers, we offer comprehensive solutions for specific applications.

An individual approach

To make your projects succeed, we're prepared to design individualized solutions and customize the products we supply.

We provide complete professional services

We provide professional services related to the selection, storage, delivery, proper installation, and use of the products we supply.

Our highly trained team of sales and product managers will ensure you pick the right solution and products to implement your projects. We’ll advise and help you with installation, and if desired, with post-sales servicing too.

We provide complete logistical service. Thanks to extensive storage areas, our own vehicles, and a strong logistics team, we can ensure turnkey delivery, including preparation of specific cable lengths.

  • Product and design support
  • Comprehensive logistics
  • Service support


Our company, KABEL TRADE Praha, was founded in 1997 to provide services in the area of supply of cable and accessories for cable TV distribution, TV and FM broadcast, and LANs.

By the following year we’d already also received our first orders in the fast-growing area of mobile communication, with our first partner being Eurotel. Mobile communications and especially antenna systems were key for the company’s further development.

We subsequently also began working with Oskar and Radiomobil. The company successfully expanded its activities and entered the Slovak market, where it succeeded in obtaining orders from Globtel, not only in the area of mobile communications, but also the construction of optical networks, which were taking on increasing importance in the world of telecommunications.

So we could call ourselves a truly comprehensive supplier for the construction of communications infrastructure, we augmented our portfolio with products for network infrastructure tech rooms and data centres.

During the era of transformation and globalization of the telecommunications market, our company capitalized on our existing experience and range of services and started working with the successors of the aforementioned telecom operators, including O2, CETIN, T-Mobile, Slovak Telekom, Vodafone, and Orange.

We’re confident that in 2022, when we’ll be celebrating our 25th birthday, we will continue to be able, in cooperation with our partners, to bring innovative products and solutions to the Czech and Slovak market that will help our customers to succeed in competitive local and international markets.